A few excerpts from my online Solo Exhibition: Humans In Their Most Vulnerable Form… please visit https://www.gallerysorellesciarone.com/exhibitions for the full text!

Introduction by curator Emi Eleode 

Humans In Their Most Vulnerable Form is an exhibition featuring the paintings of British fine art and expressionist artist Fiona, J Williams. It explores the complexities of human emotion as a continually changing entity and its impact on our daily life.  


“Our homes have shaped our view of the world. Our upbringing and the society we live in, continuing to evolve through time. Fiona highlights this in her paintings. She engages with the experiences of everyday life, including the sensations sparked by her own physical and emotional environment, whether through personal and familial interactions or from her understanding of the world.”   


“Many things are going on right now that is shifting into the balance of our world. It’s throwing each one of us in a mental territory we might not be accustomed to, creating feelings that are heightened by our surroundings. People may feel powerless and that they can no longer rely on established structures and ways of thinking like before. Some words that have a deep meaning right now include transformation, revolution, regression, innocence, serenity, disruptiveness and peace.” 

3 years ago

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